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Pilot Vehicle For Oversize Loads

An Oversize Load often must hire a Pilot Car (flag or escort car) before the load can be moved on a public roadway. Pilot cars help oversized loads arrive on time, reach their destination safely and intact.

Freedom Transports will make sure that your load makes it safely and legally through all the states that it travels through.

About Freedom Transports

Nadeen S. founded Freedom Transports in 2018, in honor of her mom. As she is flying with the angels, Freedom Transports is soaring with the eagles. Freedom has transported  both to new heights, until they meet again.

 We are certified in the states of New-York (NY), Washington (WA) and CEVO certified in the state of Pennsylvania (PA). Freedom Transports understands and complies with the regulations of all states. We are fully insured with general, commercial and professional liability.

Our business is grounded on honesty, reliability and professionalism.

We treat every customer as we want to be treated, and we except no less in return.

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Moving general freight east coast  and mid west regions.

Heavy Equipment

Moving Heavy Equipment Up and down the east coast region


Moving windmill components up and down the mid-west region

Oil Rigs

Moving Oil/Gas Rigs through Pennsylvania and the backroads of West Virginia


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